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by Ed Gardner, Abe Burrows
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"Hullo, Duffy's Tavern, where the elite meet to eat, Archie the manager speaking, Duffy ain't here---oh, hullo, Duffy . . . " It may have been the most familiar stock opening line in the history of old-time radio comedy. The famous radio dive was one of those old-time radio birds that was at once a popular hit and a show onto which some of the biggest, or at least the most prestigious entertainers (including but not limited to Fred Allen and a few of his "Allen's Alley"...
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Community Audio
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The surviving 1947 and 1948 broadcasts of George Burns & Gracie Allen's classic radio comedies. Featuring Mel Blanc as the Happy Postman, music by Meredith Willson, and a cast that included, at various times, Elvia Allman, Bea Benaderet, Hal March, and Hans Conreid, as well as some of the once-famous "Radio Row" regulars (Joseph Kearns, Marylee Robb, Elliott Lewis, Gerald Mohr, among others . . .)
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Old Time Radio
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The surviving installments of the master satirist's final series, on NBC, for Blue Bonnet Margarine and Tetley Tea through 1947 and Ford Motor Company in 1948-49. Including the "Allen's Alley" for which he's remembered best---with announcer Kenny Delmar as Senator Claghorn, Parker Fennelly as Titus Moody, Minerva Pious as Mrs. Nussbaum, and Peter Donald as Ajax Cassidy, with Alan Reed as Falstaff Openshaw in the first several installments. Among Allen's classics here include the...
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Topics: Fred Allen, old-time radio, comedy, satire